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The following Artciles originally appeared in Gothic Ripples.The publiction
of Colin Jordan.
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"Democracy" has been made at the close of
the Twentieth Century the great political key-word, the supreme criterion
of life: something sacrosanct, standing unquestionably for the highest form
of government, the best type of society and the finest way of life. This is
so much so that acceptance has been made compulsory in the Britain of the
199Os by virtue of the special protection now accorded to Democracy by the
secret police here which now formally treats rejection of Democracy as
"subversion" . Time was when national security was viewed simply as a
matter of protection from a foreign foe intent on depriving us of ownership
of our land and control of our affairs. Now, in addition, one particular
form of government and that alone is allowed to us, and any and every
effort to replace it is classed as subversive and accordingly prohibited.
Now because of the development of Democracy as dictatorship in disguise,
what is called "national security" ironically aids alien intrusion from
both within and without. This enforcement of creed under a fraudulent flag
of liberty was unequivocally, unashamedly and publicly enunciated by secret
police chief Stella Rimington, Director General of Military Intelligence 5,
otherwise known as the "Security Service" , on 24 June 1994 on BBC
Television Channel One in her "Richard Dimble by Lecture 1994" .There and
then she declared: "The intention to undermine democracy is what
'subversion' means to us ." To this avowed definition of purpose she added
in accounting for the apportionment of MI5 time:"Some of that is now
devoted to groups on the extreme right who are seeking to undermine
democracy through the exploitation of racial hatred and xenophobia." In the
Rimington vocabulary "racial hatred" of course encompasses anything which
gives recognition to the determinative factor of race as distinguishing
native Britons from others who have come here; and "extreme right"
encompasses all who are "extreme" enough to perceive and attach importance
to this racial factor, and want to do something in keeping with it. "Racial
hatred" indeed for her covers anything and everything critical and
disrespectful to Democracy's "Chosen Ones" , the Jews, and thus includes
for instance any accusation of cruelty laid against the Jewish ritual
slaughter of animals for food, whereby they are bled to death without
prestunning to prevent suffering, as required of gentiles, apart from
Muslims who are similarly granted privileged exemption from the law
affecting us. Much of the meat resulting from Jewish ritual slaughter ends
up being consumed by Aryans without them being aware that they have been
made a party to this abominable Jewish practice because the fastidious Jews
will not eat the rear part of the animals they slaughter. The legislative
basis for the special protection of Democracy as a matter of national
security was laid down in 1989 by the Security Service Act, Clause 1(2) of
which placed "actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary
democracy by political, industrial or violent means on a par with "threats
of espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activ- ities of foreign
powers". This means that even entirely non-violent po- litical canvassing
of the public in favour of some other form of govern- ment, one truly
representative of the authentic British people and their genuine interests,
and conducive to their proper freedom, is deemed subversive by the real
rulers of Democracy. Working with MIS as other parts of the apparatus of
suppression of op- position to the disastrous Democratic system, we have
firstly the "Special Branch" of the Police, concerned with political
activities, and coming under the Metropolitan Commissioner of Police. The
present holder of this office is a Paul Condon who, in a conference lecture
at the outset of his tenure, pinpointed "racism" as a prime concern on a
par with the worst of crime, being a rejection of the essential
multiracialism of Democracy (Independent 1 March 1993). Secondly: we have
GCHQ, the Government Communications Headquarters at Cheltenham, which
monitors all radio, telex and telegraph communications into and out of
Britain. Thirdly, constant co-operation is provided by Democratic America's
National Security Agency's surveillance installation on British soil at
Menwith Hill just a few miles from me near Harrogate in Yorkshire which can
listen in on telephone conversations allover Europe by interception of the
broadband microwave network over which long-distance telephone
communications travel. (See "The Puzzle Palace" , James Bamford; Sidgwick &
Jackson, London, 1983) DEMOCRACY IS WHAT DEMOCRACY DOESDemocracy claims
descent from Ancient Greece whence the word originated, but the truth is
that what exists today in its name bears no solid resemblance to its
alleged prototype. The democracy of the days of Plato and Aristotle was a
form of government confined to a particular town and surrounding area which
constituted a state, and was therefore of the nature of local government
with the area and the people so comparatively small as to allow immediate
and personal contact between the government and its affairs and the
governed. The direct participation of the people was thus a reality in the
Greek city-state where the people were, moreover, an ethnic community so
that citizenship was a matter of kinship. What is called "Democracy" today
stands in stark contrast as a matter of huge units of assorted population
nominally represented by members of parties which actually represent
particular assortments of interests, the dominant array of which, through a
mind-moulding media, particularly tele- vision, injects into the public
desirable influencing material for the mind-set in view, and excludes what
is deemed undesirable in influence for that mind-set. In the outcome of
this mind-moulding the conditioned public then votes as between one or the
other variation of the Democratic creed concerning which all the approved
parties form a consensus. Performing thus, like Pavlov's dogs with their
conditioned reflexes, the public fondly imagines that it does the deciding,
whereas it merely registers choice within the latitude allowed by the real
rulers who are clandestine dictators. Democracy is thus the colossal
confidence trick of the century. Furthermore, Democracy which is
counterfeit at the core, has been embel- lished by its manipulators into
something far more than just a method of government in order to provide
maximum power, proft and protection for those manipulators. It has in
interpretation been turned into a whole creed concerned with a multiracial,
egalitarian society. What it does, more than what in some respects it
claims to stand for, provides the most accurate definition of the Democracy
afflicting us. The results of Democracy in Britain today are a teaching
profession and educa- tional system which turns out a brainwashed,
anarchic, egocentric, ideal lacking, crudely materialist, drug-taking
younger generation addicted to a typifying din of decadence known as "pop"
.Adults are taken care of to similar effect by the mind controlling media,
acting in conjunction with the propaganda and practices of the Democratic
political parties. The overall effect of this, in a crime-ravaged, run down
vestige of a former world power and vast empire, is a British public which
offers no effective resistance to being intruded on and ousted by hordes of
Afro-Asians; sub- jected to an ever extending alien control of British
affairs from within and without; and restricted by more and more measures
to prevent and penal ize opposition to this alienation of their homeland.
THE COLOURED INVASION The primary issue or preserving the British people as
an ethnic community in ownership of its homeland, and therefore stopping
and reversing the Coloured Invasion of Britain which has been allowed by
the rulers of Democracy ever since the end of the Second World War,
supposedly fought to keep Britain for the British, is one on which the wish
of the indigenous population has never been the determinant. The British
people undoubtedly did not want the Coloured Invasion, but they certainly
got it, precisely be- cause Democracy, as the will of the people, is a
sham. In consequence of this invasion by dictation, we now learn from a
head- line in the Daily Telegraph (20 January 1994), reporting a detailed
study of ethnic data from the U.K. 1991 Census, that the "Number of Blacks
and Asians 'will double in 40 years' ." Another headline in the same
newspaper a short time previous (2 December 1993) had recorded "Europe's
birthrate plunges to record low". Taking these two items together, it is
only a matter of time, and not much time at that, before thanks to
Democracy the British become a minority in what was once their homeland. An
account sheet of all the costs of the Coloured Invasion in its every aspect
and detail, including a reckoning for all the catastrophic consequencies of
miscegenation and outbreeding and this as just one part of the total harm
of Democracy -would make a gigantic condemnation of the political system
responsible for it. This colossal bill should be drawn up in full, put
before the British public who have to pay it, and thrust in the face of the
treacherous scoundrels at Westminster and Whitehall and elsewhere who are
to blame for this looting of our resources, squandering of our heritage,
and despoilation of our future. To suppress opposition to this Coloured
Invasion our freedom is being more and more taken away from us by more and
more legislative and executive measures against what is indiscriminately
and collectively called "racial hatred", while continual demands resound
for more severe enforcement of existing law, and the introduction of
additional laws against it. Hardly a week goes past without the Jewish
community's main organ, the Jewish Chronicle, recording yet another round
of lobbying by this minority to put pressure on the Government to impose
further restriction on the native majority. The Minister responsible, as
Home Secretary, for keeping the public in order is currently Michael
Howard, identified as a Jew by the Jewish Chronicle and thus to be regarded
as an illegal immigrant in view of the unrevoked law of expulsion of 1290.
Under Howard, as he calls himself now, although his original family sur-
name was undoubtedly different, comes both MIS and the Special Branch
political police commanded by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Condon.
The latter luminary of Democracy has identified "racism" as "the greatest
challenge" for the police today, denouncing "The dire consequences of
racially based nationalism" enjoining his officers to be "totally
intolerant" of those who for political ends cause "racial hatred" (
Independent1 March 1993) . Behind Home Secretary Howard there is in the
network of enforcement, in ad- dition to MIS and the Special Branch, a
judiciary now headed by Lord Chief Justice Taylor (also identified by the
Jewish Chronicle as a Jew, whose original family surname is also at present
unknown to me), and a Crown Prosecution Service plentifully staffed with
his kind of people, as is the whole legal profession. COMMUNISM COMES TO
BRITAIN Full understanding of the nature and purpose of Democracy requires
a perception of its inherent proclivity to become a fancy equation for
Communism. Jewish High Finance houses in the Democratic U.S.A. subsidized
the initial establishment of Communism in Russia. The Communist regimes
there and elsewhere claimed to be and styled themselves new and fuller
forms of Democracy. In this guise they proceeded to conduct a mass
extermination of oppo- nents the scale of which vastly exceeded all the
Jewish allegations against Germany. Recent Russian estimates of those
killed or brought to death by Communism in Russia alone range between 30
and 80 million. Churchill and Roosevelt linked arms with the Red mass
murderers in a war for Democracy, Communist and Capitalist style combined,
against the cause of racial freedom and resurgence represented by
National-Socialist Germany. Under Churchill just under 2,000 British
citizens, targeted by the secret police of MI5 and Special Branch because
of opposition to the war, were seized and held in prison or concentration
camp under Regulation 18B without trial. (See "In the Highest Degree
Odious", A.W. Brian Simpson, Clarendon Press,1992) The Red Holocaust must
be loudly exposed whenever the word "holocaust" is raised by the Jews and
their supporters which is more or less all the time. Their latest
star-studded replenishment of propaganda is the absurdly sensational,
fictional film "Schindler' s List" based on a book which itself stated it
was fiction, and made by a Jewish maker of fantasy movies, Steven
Spielberg. Let us stand for free speech and full enquiry on all alleged
atrocities including the Jewish "holocaust" and Allied war crimes.
Suddenly, several years ago, Communism seemed to vanish from Russia and
Eastern Europe to great acclaim in the Western Democracies followed by a
pay-off in massive aid, the U.S.A. announcing at the beginning of April
1993 a $1.6 billion package of short-term aid to its accredited protege,
President Boris Yeltsin, as the first down payment to help his brand of
Democracy survive. Quite soon after this foreign financing of Russian
Democracy started, Democratic dictator Yeltsin proceeded to ride roughshod
over the Russian parliament, arbitrarily dissolving it, and, when the par-
liamentarians resisted, sending troops to attack the parliament building
and kill many inside; all this with the sympathetic understanding of the
Western upholders of Russian Democracy. Money and materials have not been
the only form of aid to help set up in Russia the system and society we are
afflicted with here. Our secret police chief Stella Rimington has admitted
in her lecture to which we have already referred that Britain's secret
police have been working with that of Democratic dictator Yeltsin to
further the imposition of Democracy in his country. Said the lady:
"Together with our sister service SIS, we provided advice and support for
the reorganised and reoriented security services, particularly to help them
establish a democratic framework for their work." (SIS = "Secret
Intelligence Service" or MI6, coming under the Foreign Secretary) So has
Communism really gone, or only done a conjuror's vanishing trick on the
world stage in order more conveniently and effectively to operate in times
now and ahead? Has it been decided that the time is now ripe for it to
proceed and succeed better in seeming disjoined and piecemeal fashion under
a different name, disguised as "Democracy": the slower but no less sure
vehicle to the same destination? Well the fact is that, in the slower and
surreptitious form, we have got it right here in Britain today in our
schools staffed with those who are Lefties, either formally or virtually,
with all their indoctrination of our children with multiracial,
anti-patriotic, anti- authoritarian, super-egalitarian notions. Communism
is here in substance in the dictatorship of the media with its constant
conveyance of material destructive of traditional values, and expression of
the crass materialism of a nomadic, global, consumer society which extols
the emancipation of the common man and the will of the majority in theory
while ensuring his plutocratic exploitation in practice. Communism is here
today in all the reaches of that regimentation of thought known as
"political correctness" , and in the suppression of racial patriotism by
means of "racial hatred" law and a secret security service and a political
police. Apropos this communistic law, let it be remembered that
"anti-semitism" was made a crime within a few months of the Communist
Revolution in Russia in 1917, just as it is being made a crime in the
Britain of Democracy today. Some 50 years ago the advocates of world
government were striving to get acceptance for it in its entirety at one
go. They failed, but they learned by their failure, and they took to
bringing it about bit by bit without an offputting name, and without
attracting attention to the ultimate aggregation; and now they are
succeding. The Communists have learned the same lesson, and are now
following the same methods leading to the same ultimate aggregation in
view. " Communism " and "Democracy" are interchangeable titles for
basically and mostly the same thing" a Great Pretence under which in the
first case a dictatorship of the proletariat" pretends to represent the
people in a "classless society" of the exploited and enslaved masses; and
in the second case another oligarchy, a dictatorship of the media, big
business and finance, exercises its power and reaps its profit behind a
facade of repre- sentation of the people in a society which is uniform or
classless in the liberty to conform, which is the compulsion to do so.
DEMOCRACY IS DEATHDemocracy, as Britain's pioneer National-Socialist Arnold
Leese proclaimed, is death. Its synthesis of Communism and Capitalism,
distinguished by a fusion of deceit, deprivation and degeneration, is sure
to bring about the diminution of the White folk of this country and the
world at large to the point of virtual extinction within the coming century
through the rapid proliferation of the Coloured peoples and the ever
increasing ratio of half-breeds resulting from stimulated miscegenation
which Democracy by its very nature engenders. The Jews, however, who are
predominantly non-European racially, will undoubtedly not only survive but
surmount and hold sway by means of the religious racialism which so
powerfully permeates them and is so zealously practised by them. In this
dire situation the one and only way to future life for the White peoples of
the world lies in overthrowing the death-system of Democracy, and replacing
it with a life-system devoted to the preservation, improvement and
proliferation of White or Aryan stock. The name of this life-system is
National Socialism. The question is: can it be done? To attempt to answer
this most fateful question we have to shed all illusions, all wishful
thinking, conjured up to lessen apprehension and to generate optimism. We
have to face up fully to the gravity of the menace, the consequent
immensity of the task, the slightness of the chance of success which is
dwindling daily as the enemy extends and consolidates its power; and we
have frankly to admit the impotence of our side. The thorough and realistic
appraisal which is required can only lead to the terrible truth that our
side is getting nowhere fast, and that if it continues in its present ways
it is doomed to certain failure. Its time and effort will continue to be
wasted until the last chance has gone, and the ever- lasting darkness
descends. That is my conclusion. Yet it is one to which I immediately add
another which is that this certain defeat under present circumstances,
since it will be decided by the accumulated consequences of wrong thinking
and wrong practice, can even now be avoided. This can be done if, firstly,
we are resolved to make the effort to subject all present attitudes and
prac- tices to the most searching and severe examination, scrutinizing
without inhibition and reservation all habitual routine which can so very
easily become rigidly restrictive habit, precluding awareness and admission
of fault. Secondly, having performed this rigorous survey as our initial
achievement, we have as our second achievement to gain the liberating ben-
efit of the lessons discerned by making the effort, however exacting, to
rid ourselves of the wrong thinking and wrong practice detected, and to
introduce and unswervingly follow what has been seen to be essential. We
can win, and I think I can tell you how to do so, but whether you will win
that I cannot say for it depends on you. What I will here now seek to do is
to set down what I regard as the three primary requirements for victory,
and then proceed to unfold them. They are:-
(I) The right ideology -which has to be world-wide and life-wide; a
Weltanschauung of religious significance and force.
(2) The right people -who have to be people adhering to this Weltanschauung
in heart and mind, conforming to it in personal conduct, and zealously
implementing it in every possible way.
(3) The right forms of organization enabling the right people with the
right ideology to work and fight to maximum effect. REJECTION OF DEMOCRACY
Accepting the three requirements for victory calls for a clear perception
of and complete rejection of the enemy. The enemy, collectively, is a whole
way of thinking and behaving; a whole political system and society
incorporating this thought and behaviour; and a whole array of persons
effectively responsible for promoting this thought and behaviour, and this
system and society of Democracy. It has to be seen that Democracy is at war
with us on all the fronts of life, and that our response therefore has to
be a counterattack on all those fronts of life and nothing less. Ousting
Democracy begins with thoroughly ousting it from you ,your outlook, your
habits, and your daily life as far as possible. Democracy has to be
recognized and denounced as the creed and system of death which it is. Let
there be no hesitation, no diffidence about this: no feeble fudging to try
and make out that you are just another and better Democrat through
intricate contortions to dissemble anti-Democracy as its opposite. You
cannot set about distributing the elixir of life by peddling more of the
old poison. To squirm to evade forthright denunciation is a fatal
exhibition of inner failure at the outset, a lethal lack of the will to
win; whereas the purging act of repudiation is a demonstration of that will
without which nothing is possible and with which everything is. Rejecting
the death-system of Democracy as the prerequisite for the salvation of the
Aryan folk requires the clearest and fiercest indictment of those
principally responsible for its operation here and throughout the world.
This partly but particularly means the politicians past and present of the
Democratic parties, including those of Britain, these latter having to be
seen and unreservedly and constantly referred to as the greatest crimi-
nals in our land and history. Theirs has been the supreme crime of
betraying our folk by their policies and practices, and in particular by
opening our doors to mass Afro-Asian and Jewish immigration, and coercing
our folk to accept this immigration and to integrate with the immigrants;
and opening our affairs to alien influence and control from both inside and
outside. The rejection of Democracy is necessarily, as the other side of
the coin, the acceptance of its only complete replacement which is
National-Socialism: the creed composed by Adolf Hitler and his colleagues,
drawing on antecedent elements, and bequeathed by them to us to extend to
suit contemporary conditions by any legitimate development of its
implications, or adapt ion of sec- ondary details of implementation,
consonant with the principles of the creed. In contrast no mere patchwork
of oddments of reform, composed as some com- promise between what is really
needed and what presently prevails, and conceived to suit the present state
of the public mind besotted with the infusions of the enemy media, is worth
ten seconds consideration. Onlya revolutionary creed with the necessary
profundity and amplitude and dynam- ic strength to meet and match and
remedy the emergency Democracy confronts us with deserves our attention.
All else is utterly inadequate, and the wishy-washy presenters of these
supposed short cuts by way of Democratic acceptability are just pathetic,
time-wasting distracters. NATIONAL-SOCIALISM NOT FASCISMNational-Socialism,
as the right ideology and only remedy, has to be carefully differentiated
from Fascism with which it is commonly and conveniently lumped by
opponents, and carelessly confused by adherents. The former is founded on
and inseparable from the conception of the folk or racial community. This
determines the nation, and this delineates its citizenship. With
National-Socialism, as Arnold Leese put it, "Race is the basis of politics"
. It inescapably follows from this that National-Socialism, properly
understood in its inevitable implications, is not and cannot be simply a
conventional nationalism, even one based on a proclaimed racial identity,
albeit one geographically circumscribed and confined. Racial
characteristics, whatever the particular blend within a particular country,
transcend the boundary of that country, and thus potentially unite where
the barriers of conventional nationalism divide. The Aryans of this earth
have been brought to their present appalling plight by way of the divisive
wars of conventional nationalism with non-Aryans fostering and profiting by
the friction. The creed of salvation must thus be one of pan-Aryan
racialism. Fascism, despite merits, is not founded on Race, and is not
pan-Aryan. Instead it is only a reformed and vitalized nationalism for the
old, geographical, national state. This is why Mussolini in his early days
of power, before the influence of Germany as an ally was felt, had Jewish
colleagues, and the Fascist Week in the U.K. (27 April -3 May 1934)
included a report that "The Chief Rabbi (of Italy) was a Fascist, and was a
strong supporter of Mussolini." It is why his granddaughter, Alessandra
Mussolini -standing as a candidate for the modified version of the MSI in
the March 1994 elections, and obtaining 50.4% of the vote in the racial
rubbish heap of Naples happily played the part of a Jewess in a 1989 film,
and dismisses anti-Jewish opinion as "old hat" (Sunday Telegraph 5 December
1993) . Based on recognition of Race, and with this being not only the
recognition of and zeal to preserve the racial identity of the Aryan folk
as distinct from other folk, but recognition also of qualitative
differences within the folk itself, and the need therefore to improve the
breed as the most effective way to produce a better society;
National-Socialism applies this racial outlook to all aspects of government
and all else of life in a totality of comprehension. It derives an ardour
for economic and social justice from the notion of kinship; an adhesion to
leadership within a hierarchy of talent and responsibility from an
appreciation of the workings of Nature conducive to the ascendancy of the
superior; and from this oneness with Nature a desire to conserve by organic
management the resources of this planet. WITH HITLER TO VICTORYIn embracing
National-Socialism to its full extent as the needed ideology for victory,
there can be no question of failing for any reason of crippling timidity or
myopia to give rightful recognition to Adolf Hitler as the great
personification of this creed. To attempt to present it without this recog-
nition of its founder, prophet and leader is the equivalent of seeking to
propagate Christianity a spiritual underpin of Democracy without mentioning
Christ. To say this is not to attempt to deify Hitler, and at the cost of
depreciating the contribution made by his followers in those days which was
gigantic, or the contribution that will have to be made by his followers
now and in the future if victory is to be secured, which will have to be
even more gigantic. The necessity to give homage to Adolf Hitler as
towering genius, superman of our cause, is not simply a matter of justice
in fair acknowledgement, or even the test of sincerity and strength
involved in making this acknowledgement, but of the immense advantage
thereby to be gained, contrary to the lament of feeble nationalists and
"patriots" that association with Hitler and National-Socialism is a ruinous
disability which can and must be avoid- ed. These trembling warriors are
forever in full flight from their own shadows, seemingly unable to
comprehend that their complaints against the system point towards, and will
certainly be portrayed by the astute enemy as pointing towards Hitler and
National-Socialism, and the more they protest at this conclusion the more
the enemy will know that they can be put to flight by raising it. Thus
these political eunuchs are powerless from the start, while ludicrously
congratulating themselves on a "wisdom" which is in fact an imperviousness
to the real thing. We National-Socialists, unlike these people with their
flaccid messages of hotchpotch programmes to repair the Democratic system
in a Democratic way, have not only a whole Weltanschauung, but within it a
well of great depth of inspiration provided by the example of the
tremendous devotion, the enormous hard work, the glorious heroism and
colossal achievements of National-Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler. Far
from this wonderful and unique heritage of ours being some fatal drawback
as the vendors of nostrums acceptable as conformable to Democracy aver, it
is our exclusive strength: the sustenance of and for giants in the gigantic
struggle facing us. The argument that the general public will not, now,
accept National-Socialism and its pivotal figure of Adolf Hitler is
meaningless in the context that general publics never make or break
revolutions, and soliciting their participation is a futile deviation, not
the proper way to salvation. That general public will remain in bondage to
the almighty enemy media and the real rulers of Democracy until the
Democratic system is brought to its breakdown. Then and only then will our
breakthrough become possible. Then the general public will have become
sufficiently sick and tired of Democracy to become sufficiently receptive
to what we have to say. With the acquisi- tion then of state power, and a
media of liberation in place of one of bondage, we will be able to bring
the mind of that public to acceptance of and thereby the necessary willing
support for the measures of revolutionary transformation of society. Having
identified in outline the first requirement for victory over Democracy,
namely the ideology of National-Socialism, we will return to this subject
in further detail at a later point, meanwhile passing on to consider the
second requirement: the right people. THE PEOPLE WE NEED The best of ideas
must fail to come to fruition unless their bearers are worthy of those
ideas. For the gigantic task of overthrowing the death- system of Democracy
we do not need, and must not aim at, and instead must eschew striving for
some big collection of all and sundry types of human being of greatly
varying value ranging from the vast majority who are medio- cre at the very
best, willing for and capable of giving only a little service at the most
and taking only a little risk, if any, to the few who are of high worth;
being of the calibre of constant and invincible believers, regular
hard-workers, and courageous fighters. It is only the last-men- tioned who
are fit for and needed for the vanguard for victory, the assembly of the
elite. Confusion with and attachment to the rest, it must be emphasized to
the utmost, is not as current wrong thought and practice has it some
desirable aggregation whereby the little bits from the little people all
helps. To the contrary, the little people with their little bits are in
such a combination infinitely more harm than help, hobbling the elite on
which ultimately all depends. They belong in the background as sympathizers
and auxiliaries, and must be ruthlessly relegated to this position. We
cannot afford to clutter up and cripple our fighting force with an out-
numbering and impeding array of camp followers. The way to victory is to be
found in the triumph of quality, and not in the indiscriminate pursuit and
use of quantity. Democracy, all-powerful as it may well now appear in the
strength of the minority who rule by means of it and the prevalence of the
ideas which that minority spreads, is really a leviathan with feet of clay
in that it is vulnerable to the extent of its reliance on an infrastructure
of increasing complexity manned by people who are largely ordinary in their
lack of dedication, stamina and courage; and in its commitment to policies
which inherently involve great strain and stress. Our superior few, the
supermen and superwomen, can because of this succeed against the rulers of
Democracy. The ultimate battle to decide the fate of our race and nation
will be between two political minorities: that of the enemy wielding power
over the state, and that of ours working and fighting to seize that state
power. It is a battle we can win if and only if we produce as our minority
an elite more powerful to disrupt Democracy than their minority with its
lesser quality and its entanglement with inferior supporting personnel is
to defend it. We can only do this if we avoid an entanglement of our elite
with a mass of people of lesser quality. Numbers will not decide our future
in our favour. Quality, the efficacy of a superlative elite, can do so.
Stop to imagine and fully appreciate the fighting strength, the capacity to
strike and damage, which belongs to the superman or woman, meaning the
person afire with devotion to the cause felt in religious dimension as the
supreme motivation of his or her life; the person who educates himself or
herself to the highest degree in his or her beliefs and their application;
the person who invariably puts principles into practice, living his or her
beliefs as a daily way of life; the person who systematically trains
himself or herself to be in one specialist capacity or another a most
effective instrument for the revolutionary pursuit of those beliefst The
combination thus in one and the same person of thinker, zealot, worker,
warrior makes an unbeatable coalescence of human qualities, an unequalled
unit for revo- lutionary action which Democracy can never match or
withstand. This is our special weapon which can compensate for all other
deficiencies. With but a few dozen of these supermen and women great havoc
can be wrought upon the enemy. With hundreds of them Democracy will be in
deadly danger, and victory will be in sight. The vital spark, becoming the
flame of victory energizing the vanguard of victory, is the will to win in
the minds of the National-Socialist elite. We can succeed and we must
succeed, but the measure of our right to succeed and the sign that we will
succeed lies in the inflexible determination to fight: to fight on
regardless of the immediacy or even the certainty or even the likelihood of
attaining state power. This is because the 100% National- Socialist fights
for National-Socialism as nothing less than a necessity of being, and not
because of any assessment of chances of success. Doing so, he knows that a
victory of the spirit is always won, whatever else happens Indeed the
lesser the possibility of physical victory over the hostile state, the
greater the honour and the greater the moral victory of doing so. STARTING
THE REVOLUTION IN YOU So the people we need are those with the will to win.
With it they are on the threshold of the very first phase of the
National-Socialist Revolution. This is an internal revolution: a seizure of
power within themselves The other phases are, secondly, the attainment and
exercise of forms of pc er short of state power; thirdly, the attainment of
state power; and four- thly, the exercise of state power to bring the
people to adopt the desirat new ways of living. The "Vanguard" is my term
for the National-Socialist elite intent on accomplishing the fourfold
course of the National-Socialist Revolution. No one becomes a member of the
Vanguard simply by completing some piece of pc per and paying some
subscription as happens with the numbers game of the old organizations. One
only becomes part of it in name by virtue of becoming part of it in thought
and action. Given the will to win, you start the revolution -in you -by
renouncir allegiance to the Democratic state which has no moral or other
legitimate claim to your allegiance and obedience, and thus exerts only a
wrongful compulsion by brute force. Our supreme law lies not in the decrees
of Democracy in pursuit of its foul purposes against our folk, but instead
in the high ordinances implied in the vital requirements for the protection
and welfare of that folk. This understanding initiates the whole salutary
process of evicting the enemy from the moral high ground it has usurped,
and relegating it to the depths as vile and vicious, perverted and hateful.
The above renunciation as an expression of the will to win should mean an
end to being hesitant, diffident and defensive about your beliefs.
Henceforth you have to be on the offensive. No more, for example, can it be
permissible to fight shy of the label "racialist" , trying to talk round
and away from this loaded hate-word of the enemy. Yes, yes you are indeed a
racialist as a defender of our race from ruin, and proud to say so. The
Vanguard member on the attack with the will to win needs to be a fit person
in all respects, physically, mentally and spiritually. He or she needs to
respect Nature in the temple of the body as just as much a mattel of
National-Socialism as anything else, exercising adequately, and acquaiI ing
himself or herself with the requirements of a good diet because what , eat
becomes what we are. While it is all right for the supporters of Democracy
to stuff their stomachs with such as puffed-up potato crisps, chemicaly
doctored "soft drinks", nutritionally-deprived white flour, fat-soaked fish
and chips, excessive salt and sugar, debilitated and adulterated
"convenience foods" and suspect or definitely harmful additives galore, not
forgetting that manna of modernity in the form of MacDonald's reconstructed
beefburgers; our pioneers of a better world have to practise a better form
of feeding. The personal revolution is no mere matter of continually saying
you are against the system of Democracy, and meaning it -up to a point -but
at that point unthinkingly retaining its habits and appearances in your own
daily life. You have to cast off its conventions of speech such as the tl
rible "t" of "tolerance" , meaning tolerance of what is detrimental to the
survival and welfare of our folk. You have to cast off its garb too, meaJ
ing in particular the slovenly jeans and sloppy footwear which are
Democracy's authentic uniform for its disorderly, "casual", cosmopolitan
citizen: With the will to win fully applied in your personal life, so that
you are waging the first phase of the revolution, each morning should start
with the vow to find in the following twenty-four hours good ways of
effectively fighting the multiracial abomination of Democracy. You only
live once, so give meaning to your life by fighting the good fight
throughout The Vanguard member pursues an ongoing course of study and
training to make him or her a more and more efficient instrument of
revolution. At t end of this primer a list of recommended general reading
will be provided as a beginning for study. Further reading should include
books dealing w whatever field of action the particular member feels most
interested in and suitable for. We have to be professionals in the business
of revolution, thereby making quality more than make up for lack of numbers
and other resources. Every form of activity has to be seen as falling
within an art or a science to be methodically pursued by study and
training, rehearsal, critical review of that rehearsal, yet more study and
training to remedy shortcomings shown by the rehearsal; and thus to reach
the pitch of achieving maximum effect for minimum time and effort and
minimum risk. The Vanguard member is the person capable of converting by
personal ex- ample meaning personal appearance and behaviour. You have won
the first battle in the field of conversion when clean, tidy and courteous
you have made an attractive personal impression. Thus qualified, you can go
about your life with your eyes open for others suitable to be brought into
the fold, always understanding that any and every approach must involve
watching the prospect for an adequate length of time to be reasonably sure
that you have someone of the right type: genuine and reliable and capable.
It is far better to take time to make sure than later to regret it. Young
people particularly are needed because of the vigour of youth, and also
because they tend not to have become materially tied to the existing order
as older people with their established commitments and concern for their
accumulated resources tend to be. Women must not be neglected or cast in
some inferior role as is the bad habit of the old organizations. Democracy,
as one of its deceits, acutely degrades women in its pretence of
emancipating them; whereas National-Social- ism elevates them by honouring
their natural role and ensuring for them the freedom to fulfil it. It is
imperative that Vanguard members only take or retain as spouse someone who,
if not also a Vanguard member, is at least dependably sympathetic to
National-Socialism and, moreover, to involvement in the Vanguard. You
cannot afford to have to face friction in the home over Vanguard
involvement, along with all other problems of the struggle. In the German
struggle for power women played a great part. Front rows at meetings
addressed by Adolf Hitler were packed with intensely enthusiastic members
of the fair sex. In the desperate later days of the war "Great numbers of
them had written to Hitler and Goebbels demanding the right to fight". A
women's force, Adolf Hitler, was formed in March 1945, but too late.
("Reich" , James Lucas, Grafton Books, London, 1990; P. 134) Let us not be
too late in bringing women into the fight. The deed speaks loudest, and the
great deed obliges everyone to listen. In the final analysis a creed only
proves its signifance for life if adherents are prepared to give up liberty
and even life itself for it. In the Hitler era huge numbers of adherents
were prepared to do exactly that. Post- war National-Socialism is so far
comparatively short of new heroes. We have a few martyrs abroad: men who
have undergone or are undergoing long periods of imprisonment, and who have
remained undaunted in spirit. These wonderful people deserve and must
receive our commensurate respect and support. Along with them we have as a
glorious example of the political soldier the heroic leader of The Silent
Brotherhood in the U.S.A., Robert Mathews, who voluntarily made the supreme
sacrifice, going down fighting against a massive besieging array of the
armed police of Democracy in a triumphant display of the spirit of "No
surrender! " ( See Gothic Ripples22/23) But in Britain, so far, no one has
been similarly prepared to go to Valhalla.